The Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) organize international musical projects of high artistic worth and social reach, both of which are fundamental principles of the IDM method. This new paradigm allows us to offer creative productions of great musical content for the common good', enriching both of these most precious and beautiful of human experiences. In this way, our productions break down a number of boundaries with the renewed strength of the profound Beauty that music offers.

Our work on the international scene is carried out through numerous proposals, among which it is worth highlighting an abundant production of concerts and festivals, together with a network of our own orchestral formations. Some examples of this activity are constituted by groups such as the Valencia Academic Orchestra and the Hispanic Philharmonic; and initiatives such as the Tárrega Week, the Fortea Festival and the Gaspar Sanz Memorial, among the many projects of the institution.

In addition, we carry out an outstanding educational and social work, with the purpose of being a hand extended to society. The institution is structured through a triple scheme based on a non profit organization, a society governed by the premises of social entrepreneurship and an international network of cultural delegations.