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Semana Tárrega


Tárrega The ‘Semana Tárrega’ is an international festival organized by the Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) with the aim of spreading the complete works of Francisco Tarrega from their native town. It is the only festival in the world in which each year is interpreted the complete works of Francisco Tarrega. Together with the ‘Integral Tárrega concerts’ are held masterclasses, lectures, workshops and other activities that complete a week of events around the figure of Francisco Tarrega and the classical guitar.

The ‘Semana Tárrega’ focuses on the main attraction of Francisco Tarrega: his music, recognized worldwide. Along three monographic concerts the complete works of Francisco Tarrega are interpreted in his birthplace by a select group of guitarists. Another point of interest of the festival are masterclasses, taught by international soloists, for guitarists from all over the world.

Francisco Tarrega is a universal reference in music. His work is of great importance in the composition for guitar to the point of being considered «the father of the modern guitar». The responsibility of preparing an annual event in Vila-real at the level of this great artist in his homeland has led the Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) to a great effort to consolidate a festival that year after year can become an international reference: the ‘Semana Tárrega’.


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