At IDM we worry about the health and wellbeing of artists. It if for this reason we feel that it is necessary to offer musicians some disciplines such as dynamic relaxation, Alexander technique and overcoming performance fear, which, alongside daily instrumental practice produce excellent performance results. These classes are imparted online by specialists in each field. Our team of experts are:


Alexander Technique Professor. Faculty member at Aragon Superior Conservatory of Music, Alfonso X el Sabío University in Madrid and author of numerous books about the wellbeing of musicians.


It is a re-education method that develops awareness of how we use our body and mind in daily activities, with the aim of abandoning harmful psychophysical habits and recovering a natural, free and healthy functioning

Jorge Orozco

Professor of Overcoming Performance Fear. Licensed in psychology and professor at the Conservatoire of Torrent.

Overcoming Performance Fear

Performing in public tends to provoke states of anxiety, nervousness, tension and quite unpleasant emotional reactions. The objective of the course is to reduce the intensity of fear, increase self-control and improve performance on stage in students and professionals.

Joan Enric Puig

Masters degree in Sophrology.


It is a personal training based on relaxation and activation techniques for the body and mind. Its regular practice allows the person to enhance self-awareness and reinforces the person's own resources, favoring the creation of positive habits and the experience of a serene daily life, which when applied to music is an essential tool to perform at our maximum.

Information about the course is the followings:

1 – Round table discussion con the three professors: Rafael García, Jorge Orozco and Joan Enric Puig.
2- Alexander Technique: 4 Classes of 1 hour each.
3 – Overcoming performance fear - 4 Classes of 1 hour each.
4- Dynamic Relaxation - 4 Classes of 1 hour each.