The Week

What is Tárrega Week?

 The ‘Tárrega Week’ is an international festival organized by the Institute for Musical Development (IDM) with the sponsorship of Il·lm, Vila-real Town Hall and the Valencian Institute of Culture, together with the collaboration of various academic and cultural institutions. Its main objective is to promote the figure, the complete concert work and legacy of Francisco Tárrega from his native land. It is the only festival in the world in which the entire concert compositions of the musician from Vila-Real are performed annually. 

Together with the concerts of Tárrega’s complete concert works, guitar masterclasses (LINK) and lectures in performance enhancement (LINK) are fundamental pillars of the festival. Taught by international concert musicians and eminent pedagogues, they are designed for guitarists and other musicians in any part of the world who want to reach their highest potential in both interpretation and performance. One of the most exciting aspects to this year’s edition is the First International Francisco Tárrega Congress where international conciertos de la integral, las clases magistrales de guitarra y excelencia escénica son un pilar fundamental del Festival. Impartidas por concertistas internacionales y eminentes pedagogos, están dirigidas a guitarristas y músicos en general de cualquier parte del mundo, que deseen alcanzar tanto la excelencia interpretativa como la excelencia escénica. Tras la excelente acogida con gran entusiasmo de la anterior edición, este año tiene lugar el II Congreso Internacional Francisco Tárrega, donde se celebran conferencias internacionales, mesas redondas, entrevistas y charlas interactivas lideradas por expertos en la figura de Francisco Tárrega, la guitarra clásica y la belleza musical.

Francisco Tárrega is a universal reference in global musical culture. His works for guitar are so important that he is considered the ‘Father of the modern guitar’. The responsibility to host an annual event in Vila-real that corresponds to the level of this great artist in his hometown that aims to unite excellence of interpretation, performance and the beauty of music has required a great effort from the team at IDM and that year after year has become an international reference for Tárrega.