Tarrega week

DECEMBER 9 TO 15, 2023

The 'Tarrega Week' is an international Festival organized by IDM (The Institute for Musical Development). The main objective is to promote the figure, the complete concert works and the legacy of Francisco Tárrega from his birthplace.

International Congress
Francisco Tárrega

It is the first major cultural event 100% online and free where the figure of the artist is delved into from different aspects.

Experts from various countries meet to delve into the technical and artistic keys of musical interpretation based on the musical poetics of Francisco Tárrega.

Guitar Masterclasses

Limited places

Masterclasses taught by the famous Carlos Bonell, professor at the Royal College of Music in London and one of the most internationally recognized classical guitarists; Grammy nominated, with more than 20 recorded albums and collaborator of Sir Paul McCartney.

Performance enhancement masterclass

The Tárrega Week performance enhancement masterclass offers a unique and highly effective experience for improving musical performance in public: dynamic relaxation. The classes will be taught online by the specialist Joan Enric Puig, trained at the Sofrocay International Academy.

Integral Tárrega

Tárrega Week is the only Festival in which the complete concert work of Francisco Tárrega can be heard annually. During the Week, throughout the different performances, you can attend the live performance of the 'Integral Tárrega'.

 In addition to the great artistic and cultural scope of this initiative that recovers the musical heritage of this great author, there is the added value of performing this complete work in Francisco Tárrega's own hometown.



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